How to Recover Google Account via SMS?

Recover Google Account via SMS

Forgetting the password of a Google account has been something very common among users in recent years. Along with this, recovering Google account password is also something very difficult for users who do not know the ways of password recovery. Sometimes users get more irritated when they forget their recovery details, such as the email address and security questions they associated during account creation. But there are many other options available that can help users to recover their Google account using a recovery phone number.

Google Account Recovery Process through SMS

Forgot your Google account password along with recovery email address? So, don’t get confused as there are many other ways to recover your Google account password. But if you have no idea about Google account recovery then you must know about that which is very simple in step by step account recovery process.

Steps to Recover the Google Account through SMS:

  • First, go to the official Google login page from your browser.
  • Click the Login option and then enter your Google ID and the password you want to recover.
  • Now click Next after entering the recovery phone number.
  • After that, click Forgot my password? Link.
  • Now the Google Account Recovery team will send you a password reset verification code on your registered phone number.
  • Now copy the password verification code and paste it in the given section, then you will be redirected to the next page.
  • After that, you can enter the new password for your Google account and then confirm it after entering it again.

You can follow the Google account recovery given above through the sms steps to get back to your Google account. But if these steps don’t help in your account recovery, get assistance from Google’s customer service team on all kinds of queries.

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